Tune-In: Your Confident Self Awaits

Tune-In: Your Confident Self Awaits

This program has 11 modules and 3 extra bonus modules over a 13-week period (alongside your 1:1 sessions).

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17 Modules

Balance Overview - Tune-In Framework

In this video, Claudia-Sam gives you an overview of Balance, the first part of the Tune-In framework. 

Module 1 - Disconnected to Connected

Welcome to Week 1 of the Tune-In program, .

This week includes:

- ESSENTIAL steps for healing what got you off path
- Check-in cheat sheet 
- Three expansive ways to breathe right and be home within

BONUS MODULE - Like You're Eating just-to-eat to Nourished

Welcome to this BONUS module for the Tune-In program, .

This module includes:

- Detox your food and align with nature (non-GMO, organic, vegetarianism, gut health)
- Conscious grocery shopping helper so you feel supported in this health shift

Module 2 - Lacking to Replenished

Welcome to Module 2 of the Tune-In program, .

This week includes:

  • Free flowing morning & night rituals with an energy enhancing practice to build your foundation to a free flowing day
  • Develop self-care habits daily that make you feel healthy and happy
  • Be appreciative of your body and love yourself more and more each day by creating a morning ritual for your inner temple

Psst Check out the Bonus Module From Eating-Just-to-Eat to Nourished that you have access to if you completed Module 1.

Module 3 - Overwhelmed to a calm and manageable thought-space

Welcome to Module 3 ,

We now enter the second phase of the Awareness Circle : Thoughts.

This week, it's about flowing from an overbearing mind to a calm and manageable thought-space. 

Module 4 - Harmful to Helpful Thoughts

Welcome to Module 4 in which your are continuing to be aware of your thoughts. 👍🏽

Module 5 - Closed to Cracked open

Welcome to Module 5 🥰

How exciting! You have arrived in the third part of Balance > awareness of emotions.

Connect Overview - Tune-In Framework

Welcome, .

In this video, I offer you an overview of Connect, the second part of the Tune-In framework. 

Module 6 - Hidden to Seen from Within

Welcome to Module 6 ! 

This is the first module of Connect. It is about shifting from a people-pleasing place to prioritizing YOU so that you can come out of hiding from living your most fulfilling life and be seen by your true Self!

I'm so excited for what you will uncover in the next lessons as we are getting into the thick of our work together.

Module 7 - From Unclear to On Purpose

Welcome to Module 7, !

In this second Connect module, you will shift from being unclear of what you want to speaking clearly about your desires by discovering your WHY and feeling on track thanks to metaphysical time-travel.

Trust Overview - Tune-In Framework


In this video, I offer you an overview of Trust, the third part of the Tune-In framework. 

BONUS MODULE - Tune-In to Your Growth

Modules for this product 17
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